"Space Tourism Is Here! Wealthy Adventurers Wanted"

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Zero Gravity Flights

Zero-gravity flights have been available to the general public for several years. The airplane is actually a large 727 jet that has been hollowed out save for a few rows of seats.. Read more

Orbital Space Flights

Space tourists have the option of taking suborbital trips to the upper reaches of the atmosphere. For the real astronaut experience, however, an orbital flight is by far the best option.. Read more

Suborbital Flights

Those who are looking for a little bit of adventure and have the extra money to spend, may want to consider a suborbital flight through space. This commercial space tourism.. Read more

Lunar Mission

Once a dream for many has now become a reality that could be available in the not too distant future. While the moon has only been visited by unmanned probes since the Apollo 17 mission.. Read more

  • Training Section

With the rising growth of commercial space travel and commercial space tourism, more everyday civilians have wondered what it would be like to take a trip into orbit or even into deep space. Before it is possible to take a journey to space it is necessary to undergo spaceflight training. Because of the difference in air and gravity during launch and arrival in space, it is especially important to know what to expect to improve your overall health and safety for the space travel adventure that you have always dreamed of.

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Space Tourism focus is opening space to the public. Space Tourism is for everyone who'd like to travel to space for themselves. In fact most people would - but they don't expect to get the chance.

Our goal is to support and promote the availability of that kind of future and to lower the costs so everyone could enjoy this experiences.